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About Us

Hi-Lo Distributors is located in Vancouver, Canada, where since 1995 we manufacture and sell Speedi-Bleed brake bleeder tools for the professional auto repair industry and DIY’er market. With over 10,000 brake bleeder kits sold throughout the USA and Canada, plus 18 other countries, we take great pride in building tools that are not only of high quality, but more importantly, in making products that people find easy to operate, and actually want to use.
With the addition of our low cost DIY brake bleeder kits and single adapter professional models, we now make Speedi-Bleed available to all car enthusiasts no matter their budget or brake bleeding requirements. Also new to our product line is “The Air Buddy” a simple but nifty little gadget for emergency tire inflation.
Speedi-Bleed was and always will be, designed firstly for the professional technician, with the goal of continually making the most practical & effective brake bleeding tools available, but due to the simplicity and low cost factor, Speedi-Bleed will appeal equally to the discerning DIY’er

We strive to constantly simplify and quicken the task of brake bleeding, and to produce the easiest to use, most effective brake bleeder tools built anywhere in the world., while keeping the quality high and the cost to our customers a minimum. Our mandate is to keep up to-date with automotive master cylinder design changes, to allow all our brake bleeder tools the widest range of vehicle fit possible, while keeping the number of adapters required to a minimum. Future business plans include increasing our distributor coverage into more regions of North America plus foreign markets, and increasing our product line, including new adapters for clutch master cylinders, motorbikes, and industrial / heavy duty applications.