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Racer Edge

Race track – Getting the competitive edge

Speedi-Bleed is the ideal shop or race track tool. Use before race day to get ready for the big meet or between races to provide optimum braking performance and assurance.

Pro Kit

• Portability
• Speed
• Firmer Pedal
• Reduced brake fade

The extreme driving conditions found during a race require attention to detail; this includes using optimum brake system components and quality brake fluid to provide maximum stopping power. Keeping your brake fluid in top condition will help prevent vapor lock / brake fade. Racing brake fluids have a very high dry boiling point but lower wet boiling points (the minimum temperature at which brake fluid boils with 3% moisture content). Regular fluid change before and between each race will maintain optimal brake fluid boiling points and performance.
“We take our Speedi-Bleed Kit to the track all the time. We have loaned it out several times , people can’t believe how fast and easy it is to use and what a great job it does. ”
“Our lead mechanic took our SpeediBleed™ to the Daytona 24 hour and used it to bleed the clutch on a GT-3 Porsche when nothing else seemed to work , it saved the day and the car finished in the top 15 overall! ”
“Track side or in the shop , our Speedi-Bleed Kit allows one person to do a better and faster brake flush or bleed than our current air pressure bleeding system.”

Joe Marko,

President, HMS Motorsport