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Pro vs DIY Bleeder

Pro and DIY Speedi-Bleed kits will perform equally at the task of brake bleeding & brake fluid flushing.                                                                                                                      The difference lies in a few components of the pressure bottle assembly and addition of plastic tool case for Pro Kits.                                                                                      The screw-on tire nozzle assembly (Pro Kit) does make connection easier on vehicles with less accessible tire valve stems. 

Pro Kit

1 – EPDM Rubber Air Hose
2 – Screw-On Nozzle (metal)
3 – Swivel Fitting (brass)
4 – Polyurethane Fluid Hose
5 – Check Valve
6 – Plastic Storage Case


1 – PVC Air Hose
2 – Plastic Tire Nozzle
3 – PVC Fluid Hose